viernes, 23 de enero de 2009

Alina Orlova

Ingrida, my flat mate, is from Lithuania. Last week, she showed me some music from her country. When I listened to Alina Orlova, I suddenly felt in love with her ;). Here you have a couple of videos, I hope u like it!

One never gets soggy feet in the moon
And dads never die there,
Each one is Noah for himself
And there's no need for umbrellas
There are dragons in the moon,
You may stroke them too
But why, why o bro, that moon is so far !
And there's no war too
There're many dining rooms
There are no schools in the moon
And rolls are free
There live deers in the moon
Cars never bring them down
While the deers look tenderly at children
They never have a soarthroat

My life is like a pop song... GRACIAS SAETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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